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Adaptive dataStream Analytics Platform

Processes and analyses streams and batches of data; Performs real-time datastream analytics, anomaly detection and alerting; Provides unified management and predictive analytics of heterogeneous data


Batch Analytics plaTform

Analyses, extracts knowledge and builds predictive models from your ASAP data; Gives shape to your data through Kibana

What we do

>> Build AI-powered industry;

>> Discover game-changing insights based on your data;

>> Transform your industry using revolutionary technologies;

>> Provide to your company AI solutions as a service;

>> Design solutions in an efficient and cost-effective way;


>> Based on our team's expertise in Artificial Intelligence, we help you gather, process and acquire knowledge from the data available at your facility.

Our Leaders Team

Building the future on strong foundations.

Goran Stojanovski, PhD

co-founder and ceo

Gjorgji Madjarov, PhD

co-founder and cto

Sasho Nedelkoski

lead data scientist

Grozdan Madjarov

software engineer

Petar Ilijevski

AI and ML intern

We bring AI to your company in the data-driven era!

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